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Travis Country Veterinary Hospital

Two Dogs Sleeping in a Green Hammock

Low Stress for Dogs

Owner Giving a Small Dog a High-Five

What's Low Stress Mean?

For us “low stress” is thinking about the veterinary experience from our patient’s perspective and making changes with the goal of lowering stress levels and in turn creating a more positive visit for everyone, including our clients!

Our team is trained to recognize signs of stress and respond appropriately. While we may not be able to completely remove every source of stress, we believe that when we can do better, we should do better.

Happy Dog Looking Out the Car Window

Low Stress Starts at Home

For some dogs, low stress visits to the vet start at home.

Thankfully, there are things that can help make the trip to see us less stressful for your pup. Taking short trips in the car to fun places like the park, a pet store or a friends home can help make the car a happy place for your dog.

It might also benefit your pet to come see us for a “happy visit” or a trip to the vet for nothing other than some snacks and love from our staff. This will help your pet build positive associations with coming to our practice and next time, hopefully they will feel more confident and less anxious.

Owner Giving Treats to Three Dogs

Come Hungry, Leave Happy

We use high-value treats and snacks to help create a positive experience for your dog.

As long as your pup is healthy, it might be best to skip breakfast the morning of your appointment to help us utilize food rewards as positive reinforcement while your dog is here for their visit.

Coming in on an empty stomach makes it more likely that your dog will take treats and build these positive associations with our hospital.

Dog Licking Peanut Butter on its Nose

Peanut Butter Makes Everything Better

We rarely meet a dog that doesn’t appreciate a peanut butter distraction.

We use peanut butter to focus your dog's attention on something delicious when we have to do something they may not enjoy, like vaccines or nail trims.

This helps create a positive association with being handled and rewards your dog for their bravery.

Owner Playing with Puppy with a Green Ball

Toys in the Exam Room

Toys are another way that we try to refocus nervous energy in a more positive and happy direction. Bringing your dog's favorite toy along to their visit can be a major comfort, much like a security blanket.

No worries if you forgot it at home, we have a bin of dog toys in each exam room to help create a more positive and even playful experience for your dog.

Corgi (Dog) Listening to Music with Headphones

Soothing Sounds

Should your dog need to stay here with us, we’ll set them up in a room reserved only for our canine friends and provide soft comfy bedding.

While here with us, they will enjoy music made especially to calm dogs. The music also helps to prevent them from becoming stressed by the sounds of other dogs or other unfamiliar sounds.