Our Team

Travis Country Veterinary Hospital’s experienced support staff strive to provide personalized, compassionate care for our patients and clients alike.

 stephanie most at Travis Country Veterinary Hospital

Stephanie Most
Hospital Manager

Stephanie has been with Travis Country Veterinary Hospital since 2011. Currently, she generates reams of paperwork and reviews numbers with a magnifying glass, but still gets to cuddle dogs and cats. She lives in Austin with her daughter and her dog Cosette.

Stephanie W. at Travis Country Veterinary Hospital

Stephanie Weeks, LVT
Lead Veterinary Technician

Stephanie loves animals, baseball, and Disney!  She came to Travis Country Veterinary Hospital as a technology student and has grown into a talented technician with a wealth of medical knowledge and clinical expertise.  Able to handle anything we throw at her with calm aplomb, Stephanie is a favorite of clients and pets alike.  She likes to spend time with her family, her dogs Lucy and Rodeo, and her cats Sweeney Todd, Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, Harley Quinn and Annabelle.  Sports photography is one of her favorite pastimes.

Team Members

scooby at Travis Country Veterinary Hospital

Clinic Cat, Inventor, Entrepreneur, and Consultant

Scooby has been a resident of the clinic and respected member of the TCVH team for approximately ten years. With a background in Aerospace Engineering and inventing, Scooby has turned his formidable attentions to the far-reaching implications of implementing wireless electricity using the Tesla Coil. Although he is still researching appropriate workspaces, and his program is still in its infancy, he predicts that the greater Austin area will act as a bellwether for the rest of the country, and hopes to be instrumental in ushering in an era of safe, durable and aesthetically pleasing electricity across the national and even global grid. As always, in his spare time, he enjoys curating his exotic catnip collection and sleeping on keyboards.